Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs

With spring in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about all the amazing things you can grow in your garden this year! But if you’re new to gardening, the sheer number of different tools available can be intimidating and confusing.

Where do you even begin? To help you out, we’ve put together this list of some essential garden tools every beginner needs to get started.

Each of these tools has its uses, but when you combine them all, they’ll give you everything you need to plant, maintain, and harvest your first season of vegetables and flowers.

Gardening gloves

Gardening is a fun activity that can also be very productive. To do it right, you need some gardening tools.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs
Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs

Whether your goal is planting flowers or growing fruits and vegetables, you will benefit from these basic garden tools.

First and foremost, you need gloves to protect your hands while doing yard work; if you don’t want to bother with expensive ones, consider buying used items or finding some inexpensive options in thrift stores. After all, gardening is supposed to be relaxing!

Weeding fork

Weeding is one of those dreaded gardening chores that has to be done. Fortunately, there are tools available to make your job easier.

A weeding fork is a helpful tool for digging out weeds and loosening the soil around plants. Its tines are inserted into the soil, making it easier to grab hold of stubborn weeds, and it loosens up hard-packed earth around plants, making room for better growth.

Essential Garden Tools-Weeding fork

You can find wedding forks at most home improvement stores or online. If you’re a beginner gardener with limited space in your garden or on your patio, small pruning shears may be useful in addition to your wedding fork as they offer a smaller alternative for closer work with flowers or leaves on bushes and shrubs.


A rake is a classic tool for all kinds of gardening projects. It’s great for gathering up and smoothing soil, leveling compost, distributing seeds in prepared beds, and even breaking up plant clumps.

Having one on hand will let you take care of most weeding chores without reaching for more destructive tools.

Essential Garden Tools-Rake

If you don’t have room to store one of those big, heavy rakes that can double as a weapon when your neighbor dares enter your personal space—go with a lightweight version so you can stow it under a bench or wheelbarrow until you need it again. (Or maybe get yourself one of those neighbor-deterring hoes.)

Watering can

As any gardener knows, timing is everything. Knowing when to water your plants is especially important; too much water and you run the risk of root rot or other fungal diseases that can be devastating to your garden (and wallet).

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs-Watering Can

If you’re a beginner gardener looking for a way to maintain your plants easily and efficiently, invest in a watering can like our one with an adjustable nozzle that makes it easy to distribute water evenly over any type of container.

We also love double-walled bottles like these that help keep both your hands and drinks cool.

Hand trowel

A hand trowel is a garden tool that can handle small jobs, such as planting and removing weeds. They have a handle on one end and a metal blade on the other.

The blade is like that of an adze, but with rounded edges. Hand trowels are usually made of steel or plastic.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs-Hand Trowel

When choosing a hand trowel, look for one that’s sturdy enough to hold up to regular use, has comfortable grips, and isn’t too heavy.

If you’re using it in hard clay soil or tough weeds, look for one with serrated edges; they’ll cut through roots more easily than smooth ones will.


With a trowel, you can dig holes for plants and seedlings. Look for one with a long handle and a relatively thin blade so it’s easier to work with.

If your soil is particularly hard, try investing in an earth spade. It works like a trowel but has teeth along its edge that make it much easier to dig through hard ground.

And, unlike a typical shovel, an earth spade won’t remove large chunks of dirt when you lift it—which could harm plants or create ruts in your garden beds. Once you have your tools picked out, read up on how to avoid common planting mistakes.


Shears or secateurs are a great tool for helping you keep your plants well groomed. Whether you have tomatoes, roses, lettuce, or any other plant that requires pruning; these shears can come in handy.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs-Secateurs

Make sure to look for durable and sharp shears so you don’t harm your plants and make sure that they’re comfortable to use too.

The most common type of secateurs is called anvil secateurs, but there are also an increasing number of different types available on the market today from head-lopper shears to scissor-like ones.

It all depends on what suits your individual needs best when it comes to gardening and gardening tools for beginners.

Hosepipe with spray head

A hosepipe with a spray head is an essential tool for any gardener. Not only will it help you keep your garden tidy, but also it will help to ensure that water doesn’t go to waste and that you’re using just enough water to sustain your plants while keeping them moist and healthy.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs

The best models have removable nozzles that give you a variety of spray options, such as jet sprays or wide-angled sprays.

You can even choose between metal and plastic nozzles, depending on your preference; however, metal is generally more durable than plastic (especially when subjected to sun and heat).

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Pruning shears or loppers

Let’s start with these. In addition to a regular set of hand pruners, you might also want a pair of loppers. Loppers are great for bigger jobs—like trimming tree branches, cutting back woody bushes, or clearing out thickets of brambles.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs
Pruning shears or loppers

Pruning shears have big scissor-like blades that allow you to cut through small stems and leaves, which is useful for delicate or potted plants.

Look for tools that feel comfortable in your hand (if possible) and that have blades that feel sharp when squeezed.

You may also want tools with extra features like extendable handles, cushioned grips, or loops for hanging your tools on a hook.


A wheelbarrow makes it a lot easier to move and transport plants, soil, compost, and any other materials you’ll need while gardening.

Essential Garden Tools Every Beginner Needs

If you’re just getting started with gardening, a basic metal barrow is great for hauling your tools and garden trimmings; as you get more into it, you can always upgrade to one of those cushioned plastic models.

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Whichever kind of wheelbarrow you go with, make sure that it’s easy to maneuver—some larger ones will fit into smaller spaces (which can be great if you have limited space in your yard) but might not work as well on uneven terrain.

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