Best Soundproofing Room Dividers 2023

It’s not fun to wake up in the morning with all that noise. Even if you are getting up on your own, it is not comfortable. There would be so much noise in the room by the time that you got up, even if the alarm was still ringing.

You must therefore search for something that can stop the voices from reaching you, especially if you are looking for peace and comfort.

The soundproofing room divider curtain will help you sleep better and reduce noises from outside. The main difference is in the design and manufacturing, which reduces the noise that passes through them. The room-divider sound barrier can be customized with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

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Best Soundproof Room Dividers: How Do They Work?

These soundproof curtains are typically thicker and heavier than regular curtains. These soundproof curtains are not made from any specific fabric. They can be made of any type of fabric, but their soundproofing ability is the key.

You, the user, must take note of the sound-dampening room dividers, even if they are soundproof. These include color, thermal, length, and material quality.

It appears that there would be little difference between regular curtains and the room divider.

These large curtain room divisions can be used anywhere in your home unless you have a curtain rod being used regularly in the house. These soundproof curtains proved to be very effective.

What to Look For in the Soundproof Room Divider To Buy

These are the top features to look out for when you’re looking for soundproof curtains that will fit in your room.


This is the most important factor to consider when buying a room divider. A soundproof curtain can not be randomly chosen. You need to measure the space in which you intend to place the curtains and then buy the curtains accordingly.


You must be aware of the material used to make the curtain. Quality is not an option. There are many types of curtains. You can choose the material that suits your needs and your preferences. You have the option of velvet, suede, or if you prefer, cotton. The thicker materials are more soundproof than the ones that are thinner.


When you are looking for curtains to decorate your home, price is an equally important factor. People mistakenly believe that affordability is the best option. However, sometimes a lower price can lead to a shorter lifespan or poor quality curtains. Be smart about choosing the right curtain for you.


You should choose the room divider which is easiest to install. Sometimes, you don’t have the money to pay for additional installation costs so it is best to pick curtains that you can easily install yourself. These curtains come with a rod that makes them easy to fix.

Best Soundproofing Room Dividers

RYB Home Room Divider

The RYB Home Gift Room Divider is a durable, well-constructed, and robustly constructed set of curtains. You can be sure to get maximum sound, light, and temperature-blocking technology from RYB Home Gift Room Divider, which is made with premium polyester and layered fabric.

RYB added over ten colors to its existing palette this year. They now offer bright, solid, or sheer overlays to spice things up in traditionally neutral tones. The new colors include rose, lavender, and coral.

Key Features

  • 100% healthy polyester with innovative triple-weave technology.
  • High-density fabric against loose threads and wrinkle hems.
  • Thermally insulated panels can repel the summer heat & winter cold.
  • Curtains block 85-95% of sunlight and UV rays
  • Machine Washable

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You can even order custom curtains with the RYD manufacturer, depending on your specific needs. This will ensure that the curtains fit your space perfectly.

Whatever product you choose, each color will perform well in a variety of light and noise conditions. It is extremely heavy but not too heavy and can withstand heavy use.

The curtains can be machine washed, ironed, and are easy to put up anywhere. These curtains are ideal for college students and roommates who move in and out of their rooms every year.

Curtains come in one size, 15 feet wide x 8 feet long. Other sizes can be ordered depending on the color and other custom options. Customers have complained that they had to hem the bottoms of their curtains from 6 inches up to afoot.


  • There are more than a dozen colors, interesting shades, and different types of curtains to choose from.
  • High-quality polyester fabric provides effective heat and noise blocking.
  • Some reviews indicate that the curtain brand is more durable than other brands and can last for more than a decade, even after multiple washes.


  • Many shades are available in one or several sizes. It can be difficult to find the right size for you.
  • Curtains might be slightly longer than the stated sizes.

NICETOWN Privacy Room Divider

The NICETOWN Room Divider curtains are silky soft and heavyweight. NICETOWN is made from polyester, with shades ranging from burgundy and cappuccino. It offers quality, comfort, and durability at a low price.

Triple-weave technology allows the outer layers to be made of polyester and the inner layer from dense, malleable acoustic blocking fabric. This makes it possible to see the advantages of insulation, light-blocking, noise cancellation, and so on. Instead of bouncing light and noise around, the material absorbs them.

Key Features

  • Super soft fabric 
  • Features-Noise Reducing, Attached Valances, Blackout, Thermal Lining
  • Good Quality Finishing
  • UV ray block
  • Provides room insulation
  • Machine washable
  • 2 layers of polyester for maximum noise absorption

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The curtains can be moved easily and are suitable for use in any type of setting, whether it is residential or commercial. The curtains have 14 silver inline grommets that add a modern touch to reduce noise and light sources. They can also be hung on almost any heavy-duty curtain rod.

You can choose from sizes and colors that range from 8.3 feet wide by 7.7 feet long to 15 feet wide by 9 feet long. However, some people have pointed out that curtain washing can be more difficult than with other products. Users must wash curtains only on low heat and avoid bleaching or hot ironing.

The curtains can be used for many years if they are maintained properly.


  • Triple-weave technology combined with acoustic blocking fabrics to block noise
  • The product is suitable for residential and commercial use, with a wide range of sizes and shades available.


  • The curtain fabric is more delicate and should be washed and dried with care
  • Curtains can only be ironed at low heat.

Room/Dividers/Now Ceiling Track Room Divider

The RoomDividersNow heavyweight partition is a great option for those looking to divide up space or block out noise.

The RoomDividersNow brand is a top-selling brand in many large retail stores as well as online. It has been synonymous with high-quality sound-dampening products for over fifteen years.

Key Features

  • Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtains
  • 100% polyester curtains 
  • Easy to Setup
  • Suitable for Studio, apartment, loft, storage space, shared bedroom, workspace, etc.
  • Reduce light to maximize privacy

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The RoomDividersNow can be customized in style and size, unlike other products. The RoomDividersNow collection includes a variety of patterns and shades, including jungle, midnight blue, mocha, and jungle. It is suitable for bedrooms, kid’s rooms, communal spaces, and eclectic homes.

The size range can be adjusted to fit any space. It can go from 8 feet to three feet up to 9 feet and 18 feet.

The curtains are set up on a sliding track, rather than a rod, so it is important to be patient. The kit includes everything you need to set up the curtain. It comes with detailed instructions and blueprints.

Many customers feel that the extra effort required to install the curtain is well worth it, even though it may be difficult. The curtain actually blocks sound rather than muffles it. Find more about Best Soundproofing Room Dividers.


  • Made from a trusted brand that has been rigorously tested. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to put the customer at ease.
  • All the tools you need to set it up yourself are included with this product
  • Unique and unusual patterns not offered by other brands


  • The installation process is a little cumbersome

Deconovo Blackout Room Dividers

Deconovo curtains are all that a customer would expect from a curtain. They are heavy and sound, light and blockable, have six neutral colors, and are made of inexpensive, but effective polyester.

This divider curtain measures approximately 15′ by 8′ in width and height and can be used in both small and large rooms to create privacy and noise cancellation. The curtain can be machine washed and ironed at moderate temperatures. This makes it a great choice for hospitals, studios, and dorms as well as messy children.

Key Features

  • Washable, with the water temperature under 86°F
  • Triple-weave technology
  • Block the noise from busy streets or noisy neighbors
  • Blocks out light for a restful sleep

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Deconovo Room Divider comes in three sizes to suit standard-sized spaces. Each curtain panel also includes 16 silver-gilded grommets that will ensure it fits securely on any curtain rod.

This curtain set features a patent-pending triple weave construction. High-density, black yarn is placed in the middle of each curtain to block out light and noise and keep it from being exposed to external heat or cold.

Deconovo curtains were chosen by many customers for large windows and sliding glass doors to reduce heat loss and energy costs. This high-quality product is affordable and stylish.


  • Triple-weave technology blocks light, sound, and external temperature sources.
  • For a modern and stylish look, opt for the sleek design with 16 silver grommets
  • This privacy curtain is one of the heaviest per square foot fabrics available. It allows for large windows to be blocked from noise and saves energy.


  • It’s slightly more expensive than other privacy curtains, but it’s worth it.
  • There are only three sizes available


There are many room divider curtains available that can be used depending on your specific needs. You might find the right product that not only blocks sound but also saves you money on your monthly electricity bill. It could also improve your sleep quality by blocking out any light. So this concludes the topic for Best Soundproofing Room Dividers.

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