Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022

It would not be wrong or out of place to say that there is an increased demand in the users of Cryptocurrency platforms. Nowadays, we see that many people own Cryptocurrency investment portfolios. Yes, many people believe that Crypto is a new way forward, so they invest in different coins.

When analyzing the different users of Cryptocurrency platforms, we can put them into two categories. First, we have those who properly understand Cryptocurrency and how it works. These people know how to analyze the Crypto, anticipate when there would be a surge or dip. And, we can call these people traders. There is almost nothing they do not know about Cryptocurrency. So, when people are panicking during a dip, you will see such persons relaxed.

However, some have zero knowledge about Cryptocurrency. Now, you may be wondering why they are on Crypto platforms. Typically, such persons have friends who give them crypto advice, telling them when to buy a coin and what coin to buy. Such people understand the usefulness of having a Cryptocurrency portfolio, but they do not fully understand how it works. So, they always get guidelines from their friends.

But, amongst these different users, they all share a similar interest – Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency. Therefore, we see many people curious about how to free crypto instantly. So, this article will highlight some sites that can help earn free Cryptocurrency.

Best sites to earn free Cryptocurrency or Coins

Some of these sites are:


If you have previously searched for websites that offer free Cryptocurrency, we are sure that you must have seen or heard about Coinbase. Also, we see that it is slowly gaining popularity amongst the list of top Cryptocurrency websites.

It comes off as a Cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to earn free coins in different ways. For example, you can earn free Cryptocurrency from this website when watching videos or answering quizzes. Now, some people usually ask what happens if they fail the quiz. Well, nothing happens, and you won’t lose any coin from your portfolio. But if you correctly answer the quiz questions, you will get free Cryptocurrency, but it comes in the form of altcoins.

Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency -coinbase
Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency-2022-Coinbase

Another way of getting free Cryptocurrency is by referring others to use the platform. So, we can say that they have a referral program. Interestingly, both you and the person you refer will get free coins.

In addition, coinbase has an earning program where people get free Cryptocurrency for learning about crypto.

So, it is one of the best websites to earn free Cryptocurrency. is one of the platforms born out of the desire to help people transit into the Cryptocurrency journey. This platform understands that many people are still beginners in the Cryptocurrency space, so they wish to simplify things and give them a simple platform.

Aside from the need to help people in the Cryptocurrency journey and allow them to enjoy the easiest user interface, this site also gives out free Cryptocurrency to its users. Yes, we know that this is the favorite aspect for almost everyone.

Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency
Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Now, they are not doing it alone as they are also in partnership with Visa card. The idea is to present users with a cashback incentive while promoting their coin. So, the coin is the free Cryptocurrency coin (MCO) you will get from the site.

If you purchase items under the program, you will earn the coin, MCO. There are usually diverse offers, and it depends on the amount you are willing to stake.


Celsius presents itself as another website that can give you free Cryptocurrency if you are a user. And, they give this in the form of Bitcoin.

Now, we understand why people are always excited about the offer. After all, Bitcoin is the top Cryptocurrency coin globally. Moreover, Celsius has a goal of always presenting transparency, ensuring that they simplify their terms and conditions so that users will not be confused.

Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022-celsius
Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022-Celsius

To get free Cryptocurrency from this website, all you need to do is deposit more than $1,000 in crypto into the Celsius Network. Once you do it, you will get a signup bonus of $10 in Bitcoin. And, if you hold the deposit for 3 months, you will get an extra $10 in Bitcoin.

People complain that the deposit amount to earn free Cryptocurrency is high as you will need $1,000. But, this is the clause that comes with getting free coins from Celsius.

Voyager Exchange

Voyager exchange is another Cryptocurrency platform that offers free Cryptocurrency to its users. People love that they can use this platform to buy coins and also use it to trade these coins. So, if you are looking to own a Cryptocurrency Portfolio, you can use Voyager exchange. In addition, it deals with an array of coins.

Interestingly, we see that some websites or platforms only deal with popular coins. But this crypto platform has both popular and altcoins.

Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022-voyager
Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022-voyager

To get free Cryptocurrency from this platform, you will need an interest-bearing account. Therefore, you need to have an investment portfolio with the platform. So, the first step is to have an interest-bearing account. Thus, giving you 10% interest on whatever you have in your portfolio.

Also, you will get $25 in Bitcoin if you deposit $100 or more on the platform.


eToro is an exchange platform that also allows you to earn free Cryptocurrency. But, you will need to have enough money before you can earn with this platform.

The idea here is that you will need $5,000 to trade on the exchange platform. Once you sign up and deposit your $5,000, you will get a $250 signup bonus.

Best Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrency 2022-etoro

Understandably, it might not be easy to put such an amount into this platform, especially as they do not have a high popularity status. However, we see that the exchange platform has over 20 million users. Of course, these users will not be using the platform if it doesn’t come with benefits. So, you can give it a try.

If you have been looking for a website that will give you free Cryptocurrency, try out eToro. The money might not be much, but it is something.

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Having a Cryptocurrency investment portfolio is cool, but when you have ways to earn free Cryptocurrency, everything becomes cooler.

Some websites classify as the best ways to earn free Cryptocurrency, and we have highlighted these websites. So, ensure that you start using them. 

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