5 Best Quietest Hair Clippers for Toddlers- Silent Kids Clippers 2023

In this article, we will review the market’s most effective and best quietest hair clippers for toddlers. If you’ve tried cutting your child’s hair, you’ll know that it’s not the most enjoyable. Certain children can handle the cut; however, many aren’t.

It is primarily because the sound of hair clippers can make them somewhat nervous. They also don’t like any sound or vibration that hits their head. If the clipper can tug at hairs, it is likely that there will be tears. So, based on our bitter experience, we’ve created this post on the best hair clippers suitable for toddlers, kids, or babies.

The less noise the clippers produce can be better, but you must also use safe clips without sharp edges. Many kids are also afraid of going to the barbershop or hairdresser. This could cause lots of stress, both for parents and children. Thus, cutting your child’s hair at home can have its benefits.

List Of Top 5 Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers – Babies

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Then you can simply go with Baistom Baby Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Trimmer for Kids and Children

Baistom Baby Hair Clippers

ENSSU Baby Hair Clippers

Baby Hair Clippers

MOM&HOME Bololo Baby Hair Clippers

Baby Hair Clippers, Professional Quiet

5 Best Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers

Baistom Baby Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Trimmer for Kids and Children

This Best Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers has a sturdy ceramic blade with protrusions of 28 teeth to glide over the child’s scalp. In contrast to stainless steel blades, this one is highly safe for children’s delicate skin. It does not trigger the discomfort or anxiety that can result from cutting your hair.

Baistom Baby Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Trimmer for Kids and Children, Waterproof Rechargeable Cordless Haircut Kit for Toddler and Boys, Green

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Apart from being secure while in operation, this blade has teeth cut in an R-shaped design to let you know about any doubts regarding injuries the edge could cause. We’re talking about two-factor safety in this case!

With a weight of 5 oz. It is found that this clipper’s size is comfortable on a child’s head, especially the fact that the blade consumes everything in its path. It’s hard to find safe combs suitable for kids’ hair clippers. This package comes with three guide combs that measure 0-3mm, 3-6mm, and 9-12mm for personalizing your toddler’s clipper hairstyle.

The motor’s loudness is 50dB, roughly equal to a distant conversation. You can try this clipper when your baby is asleep, and it has demonstrated its quiet operation. Furthermore, this Baistom hair clipper is washable after use due to its IPX-7 water resistance rating.

It’s rare to find clippers for infants that work entirely cordless. This hair clipper can provide up to an hour of usage after charging 5 hours. Under the power button, there’s a three-stage indicator to measure the battery’s life. The manufacturer provides an estimated time of operation for their hair clippers (40-60 minutes); this means that the hair clippers can be prone to battery depletion.

With the guide combs, this hair clipper includes the oil for lubrication, a clean hairbrush, the USB charge cable, a sponge, and a comb for babies’ hair.

ENSSU Baby Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Clipper for Kids Children

These clippers make low sounds and are ideal for cutting the hair of kids and babies. They are equipped with a safe ceramic blade explicitly designed for children 0 and up to 12 years old.

There is no chance of pulling or snagging of hair.

ENSSU Baby Hair Clippers, Quiet Hair Clipper for Kids Children with Sensory Sensitivity, Professional Baby Hair Cutting Kits Cordless Hair Trimmer for Babies Infant Waterproof & Rechargeable

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ENSSU baby hair Clippers are washable, and they are easy to clean after use. They are smaller than regular hair clippers, which makes them much more user-friendly.

They are equipped with 3-6 mm and 9-12 mm guide combs which allow your baby to experience quick and easy haircutting without the worry about making a mistake.

It includes one USB charging cable, a cleaning sponge, a static-free bib, a spray bottle that can be used to lubricate, and a cleaning brush.

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Baby Hair Clippers, Ceramic Blade Electric Kids Hair Trimmer

This Baby Hair Clippers Ceramic Blade Electric Kids Hair Trimmer is a tool specifically created to allow youngsters to provide a safe and effective haircut. The 28-teeth-cutting unit is patent-based, meaning it’s much more suited to grab and cutting their baby’s hair without pulling or harming it.

The R-shaped cutting device gives a more rounded cutting edge around the cutting device’s exterior, making it easy for the child to cut their hair without causing injury to their skin.

Baby Hair Clippers, Ceramic Blade Electric Kids Hair Trimmer, Ultra-Quiet Cordless Rechargeable Waterproof Haircut Kit for Kids & Adult

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Mom&Home Bololo Hair Clippers for Baby-Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer

It’s the Best Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers that we have reviewed. This is the best option for children with sensory processing disorders or when the noise level is your primary concern.

MOM&HOME Bololo Baby Hair Clippers – Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer, Cordless & Waterproof Chargeable, Children with Autism, ABS Ceramic Blade, Haircut Kit for Kids Infants Men and Women,Blue, Lion

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With 42 decibel operating voice, the unit is superior to Baistom and Enssu in terms of silence due to its noise-eliminating technology. It’s quieter than famous buzzing clippers in barbershops.

The Bololo trimmer is equipped with three guide combs that provide 6 lengths (1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 1-9mm). You can give your baby the perfect haircut using a wide range of hair-styling options. If your child is an infant or six years old, you can choose a suitable comb for the child.

The battery for the clipper (800 mA of capacity) provides you with two hours of running time from fully charged until it dies. This is enough for approximately two to three shaving sessions.

Bololo clipper comes with an attractive design and small size. It’s easy to use. The machine has no learning curve, even if you’re using it for the first time.

When it comes to safety aspects, it comes with the Intelligence Monitoring System, which guarantees that there is no pulling. This is combined with round corners in the shape of an R to prevent nicks, and you have a very secure clipper.

It also comes with a secure grip that will help avoid injuries caused by shaking hands.

The trimmer also comes with speeds. The toddler mode is for babies from three years old, and the kid’s way caters to children between 3 and 12 years old.

The trimmer is IPX-7 waterproof, giving the user the option of either dry or wet shaving. If your child’s hair is long, use the wetting method to smooth the cutting process.

Please use the brush to clean the clipper to stubble off, and then wash the cutter head in the faucet to wash it off.

Baby Hair Clippers Professional Quiet and Professional Hair Trimmer for toddlers and kids

Are you looking for a reliable hair clipper for children and toddlers? Take a look at the Baby Hair Clippers. The clipper features a sharp and secure ceramic blade, which is great for cutting hair with precision.

Baby Hair Clippers, Professional Quiet Hair Trimmer for Kids and Toddlers, Waterproof & Rechargeable Cordless Hair Cutting Machine for Children, with LCD Display

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These Baby Hair Clippers are also equipped with low-noise technology to ensure that your baby is in a comfortable environment when you are cutting their hair. The clipper includes a comb guide to accommodate different hair lengths. It is also water-resistant, making cutting dry or wet hair easy. Additionally, the clippers are simple and come with many accessories to cut hair lengths effortlessly.

Buying Guide For Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers

Things to Consider When Buying Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers

The skin of babies is more sensitive than adults. If an infant is injured or cut, it’s often more painful. Children are often frustrated and anxious and can be terrified of the sound from hair clips. This makes cutting their hair an even more challenging task.

You cannot predict the probability of them making this sudden change. Therefore, choosing a safe hair clipper for children will allow you to complete the cut with the least hassle.

  • The volume of sound produced by hair clippers

For children, it is essential to be aware of this. They should be less than 60 decibels to be considered the most comfortable to operate at a low level and produce fewer vibrations overuse.

The motors for baby trimmers are typically quieter and do not exceed noise levels that exceed 50 decibels. Additionally, kids’ trimmers typically have smaller blade widths, giving a more consistent trim for heads with smaller diameters.

  • Water Resistant:

Clippers that are water-resistant are easier to wash between uses. Make sure you check for the water-resistance ratings.

  • The source of Power:

These clippers’ power is an additional factor. Cordless models are more convenient to operate. But they’re usually less powerful; therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the baby hair clipper that you use cordless comes with a powerful motor.

If you use clippers more frequently for professional purposes, selecting an item with a rechargeable battery will be cheaper than the disposable one. An ideal option is a rechargeable battery that can last up to an hour on one charge.

  • Child-friendly designs:

They are very popular with moms and help reduce the terror and fear that standard black, big adult trimmers can cause children. When you’re young, all things big, sharp, and frightening will cause terror and distrust. Most baby hair clippers are gentle and light-colored to match other toys and accessories.

They have been found to aid in calming your child and creating a peaceful environment. The most important thing is for your child to believe it’s a toy they can play with if they are not watching.

  • Clippers with ceramic blades:

It can reduce hair pulling to provide a safer and more pleasant haircut. Most baby hair trimmers come with ceramic blades designed to reduce the pulling of hair and skin nicks. The tips made of ceramic are blunted and have an R-angle shape that allows for a simple and safe hair trimming,


Cutting your child’s hair at home may be nerve-wracking initially, and you may feel that you’re not qualified or you’ll mess it up. However, insecurity can cause even the most experienced hairdresser to make mistakes.

With these Best Quietest Hair Clippers For Toddlers, you can ensure your child is secure and at ease. You will discover the comb guides to be simple to use. After just a few cuts, you can also determine which size of comb is best for the shape of your child’s face.

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